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Reusable milk bottle

Reusable milk bottle

SKU: 364115376135191

First time buyers will need to pay a deposit per bottle for every pint of milk purchased. This deposit is refundable at any time if you wish to return the bottle with the lid. When you return to purchase milk you will need to return one clean empty bottle with a lid for each full bottle purchased. At any time you can pay a deposit on more bottles.

  • Must be returned clean with lid

    Bottles must be returned clean, with a lid. We will sterilise the bottles before refilling. If lids or bottles are lost/broken, replacement bottles/lids will need to be paid for when you pick up your next order of milk.


    Bottle must be returned clean with a lid each time to exchange for a full bottle of milk. If you wish to be return bottles and lids and have your deposit refunded please contact us by email to arrange.


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