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Raw Cow's Milk Colostrum and Kanuka Honey Soap (unscented)

Raw Cow's Milk Colostrum and Kanuka Honey Soap (unscented)

Our wonderful colostrum and Kanuka honey soap is made by hand on farm using colostrum and high quality, locally sourced Kanuka honey. Colostrum is the very first milk a cow gives after having her baby and is full of nutrients and immunoglobulins. Kanuka honey has many healing properties.

This soap makes an excellent facial soap, leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed. This soap is gentle, healing and nourishing for all skin types, especially dry or inflammed skin.

(Don't worry - our baby calves get plenty of good colostrum from their mums, we only use the surplus for our soap!)

  • Ordering for delivery

    We will gladly add soap to your milk delivery order at no extra charge. We do not currently deliver soap without a milk order.

    Please note on your order if you would like your soap delivered with your milk.

  • Ingredients

    Raw Cow's Colostrum

    Kanuka Honey

    Lye (sodium hydroxide)

    Olive Oil

    Coconut Oil

    Castor Oil

    Sodium Lactate

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