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5l pail set of two

5l pail set of two

SKU: 217537123517253

Pint bottles might not be ideal for larger families and cheese makers, so we offer milk in 5l pails too.

To buy your milk in this way, please pay the deposit on a set of two pails. This way, we have one pails with us for sterilising and refilling, and you have one pail with you. Each pick up or delivery you exchange the clean, empty pail (with labels removed please) for your next full pail.

If you wish to purchase more than 5l per visit, you will need to pay an equivalent number of deposits.

These deposits are refundable on return of both undamaged pails if you wish to cease purchasing.


    Pails are food-grade with a well-sealing lid and a carry handle.


    Pails must be returned clean when you purchase your next 5l of milk. Please remove the date label and milk tag before cleaning and returning.

    Pails are refundable if you wish to cease purchasing milk and return both undamaged pails to us.


    Our deliveries take place at night, so please ensure you have a chilly bin or bag large enough for your order, to leave out for us to put your milk in.

Colour: White
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